QR Code Menu and Ordering to tackle COVID-19

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Fudu helps restaurants acquire, retain and wow! your customers

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Customer scans the QR code on the table with their phone.


Customer places an order through your digital menu.


Your staff receives the order details on their phone and serves the customer.


Customer pays the bill from their phone and provides feedback.

Who is Fudu for?

Hotels / Resorts

Let your customers order for room service with ease using their mobile phone. Gone are the days of picking up the hotel phone and ringing the reception or restaurant. Cut down on manpower and make it easy for your guests and staff.


We know how competitive the restaurant industry is. Let Fudu help you cut down your expense by reducing your manpower requirement. Fudu takes care of giving your customers the menu, taking orders, collecting payment and feedback!


We know you're an awesome bar and that you get a massive crowd on weekends. Let Fudu help you manage the crowd by taking care of the orders and payment while you concentrate on keeping the drinks flowing!

Quick Service Restaurants

Fudu can help you manage those peak hours like a breeze! Let your customers place the order and make payments from their phone so you can concentrate on the more important things - like getting that mind blowing food out!


QR Code Menu and Ordering (Contact-free)

  • Provide your guests with a contact-free menu that can be accessed from their phones to tackle COVID-19.
  • Easily update your menu and pricing without the worry or expenses of printing a menu each time.
  • Guests don't have to wait for your staff to come to take the order.
  • Staff mobile app to let your staff quickly receive order details from every table.

Customer Relationship Management

Fudu’s CRM feature provides a centralized access to your customer data across all outlets.

  • Collect phone numbers of all your customer who order through Fudu.
  • Invite guests to celebrate their birthdays and other events via SMS marketing.
  • Create personalized Loyalty Programs based on customer behavior and spending habits.


  • Keep track of your new customers and repeat customers.
  • Understand the health of your business and customer satisfaction.
  • Always know which items are selling and which aren't. This is helpful in pricing and menu management.

Customer Feedback

  • When customers choose to visit a restaurant, they are looking for a memorable gastronomical experience. This experience depends on the quality, freshness, and taste of food; the dΓ©cor, ambiance and hygiene level; and, the staff courtesy and prompt service, among the other parameters.
  • Soliciting customer feedback can give you an insight into what they like about your restaurant and what they expect it will also effectively increase the standards of customer service.
  • Based on their comments and opinions, Fudu can help you to work towards not only delivering a great dining experience to your customers but also build repeat patronage and boost your brand image.

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